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Seafood is a popular Christmas choice with diners

Fish could be a popular festive dish

Chefs could find their seafood options are an increasingly popular alternative choice among customers over Christmas.

Tesco has had to quadruple its order of items such as salmon in order to meet an unprecedented demand.

It may be advisable for caterers to follow suit and meet growing interest in this kind of meal, as McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says it is helpful to take inspiration from all area of the culinary arena.

Fish buyer for the retail chain Gary Hooper attributed this trend to diners showing more of an interest in adventurous recipes.

He added this may not be solely due to people who wish to try something different from the usual Christmas fare, as it is an obvious choice for pescatarians, who eat fish but no other meat.

Chefs serving meals over the festive period do not have to abandon the old favourites altogether, but could follow Jamie Oliver's advice and offer variety.

The celebrity chef explained: "There'd be a riot at my house if I took the turkey away, but an extra option is always well received."

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