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Nutmeg required for the perfect mince pie

Use nutmeg to make the perfect mince pies

Cooks getting ready for Christmas may be wondering how they can incorporate culinary spices into their festive dishes.

If this is the case, they may wish to follow the advice of professional chef and food writer Xanthe Clay, who recommended the use of nutmeg in a recipe for the sweet revealed in the Daily Telegraph.

She suggested making the filling with apples, dried fruit, citrus juice and rind, simmering in a covered pan, stirring and adding water throughout.

Nutmeg is then introduced to the mixture, along with almonds and brandy.

Ms Clay's advice for making pastry was to knead together flour and fats with a pinch of salt until they form crumbs, turning into dough and chilling.

This is rolled out, cut into even shapes and one tablespoon of filling is added, before being folded, brushed with beaten egg, and sprinkled with caster sugar, before a hole is made in the top and the cakes are baked until they turn a deep golden colour.

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