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Tandoori chicken requires spices

Spices can create a range of curry flavours

Preparation is highly important when coming up with new curry dishes for inclusion on a restaurant's menu.

For instance, many of the dishes are distinguished by how they are prepared - rather than the ingredients that are included.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, co-creator of the Moveable Kitchen and the owner and head chef of the Dock Kitchen in Notting Hill Stevie Parle recommended a spicy barbecue-style tandoori chicken meal.

A tandoor is a type of oven, which is like a huge clay bowl with a fire at the bottom - and it half barbecues-half bakes the food, which cooks meat very fast.

However, adventurous caterers can still recreate some of the flavours through judicious use of culinary spices.

Alternatively, why not browse our Bick's range of relishes and salsas to see if these could make a suitable addition to any meat meals on offer? This could be very convenient for recipes that need to be served up fast.

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