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Spices really characterise Indian dishes

Spices are essential for Indian dishes

Caterers looking to bring something new to their restaurant's menu could try researching the cooking traditions of other cultures.

Editor of TheOtherHome Manoj Aggarwal said that culinary spices really characterise Indian dishes.

"The health benefits, as well as taste qualities, have been passed through generations and a traditional meal from any region of India would have at least one spicy preparation," he commented.

The expert added that there is an inclination toward sweeter dishes in eastern Indian meals, as well as seafood options that are prepared by steaming.

Mustard is also a common inclusion, while spicier, Tandoor preparations are more frequent in the north of the country.

Adventurous caterers could take this approach as a starting point in order to prepare something more creative that could keep their diners coming back for more.

Don't be afraid to try bringing together new flavour pairings in order to create taste sensations that people may not have experienced before!

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