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Spices characterise a green masala

Try using new flavour pairings of spices in a masala

When adding curry dishes to a restaurant's menu, there are so many options and routes to take that a caterer can be spoilt for choice.

It can be difficult to select new recipes that can truly help to set your offerings apart from the crowd, but one good method is to bring a new twist to an old favourite.

For example, chicken tikka masala is one of the nation's staple dishes - but why not mix things up a bit by offering alternative masalas?

In a recipe shared in the Daily Telegraph, co-creator of the Moveable Kitchen and the owner and head chef of the Dock Kitchen in Notting Hill Stevie Parle recommended a white fish with green masala option.

Preparation involved the use of a wide range of culinary spices - including cumin and coriander - but why not try seeing what exciting new flavour pairings you can come up with?

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