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Sage is a massively underused herb

Sage is underrated

It is easy for professional caterers to get into the habit of reaching for the same old herbs and spices when preparing their staple dishes.

However, the importance of mixing things up a little bit from time to time and using different ingredients cannot be overstated.

David Jones, co-owner of cooking school Mannafromdevon, pointed out that some culinary herbs are often neglected.

"With pork, a herb we underuse a lot is sage," he remarked, adding that you see this used in Italian cooking rather a lot.

The expert added that one particularly good use of the ingredient is to "warm up butter with some sage to start with and then saute pork".

He underlined the fact that it is a fantastic herb that is very prolific in the British climate - so it could also be a natural inclusion in a range of more traditional dishes, for chefs who are looking at adding a range of these to their restaurant's menu.

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