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Parsley is the perfect addition to fish pie

Parsley is a natural choice for fish pie dishes

When coming up with new dishes to add to the restaurant's menu, professional caterers may find that traditional recipes are consistently popular with diners.

In an article for the Guardian, author of the Supper With Rosie cookbook Rosie Lovell suggested baking a puff pastry fish pie - and this is a fine example of a classic staple.

Among her ingredients was the culinary herb parsley, which she recommended folding in with mushrooms and any other vegetables as they are being fried.

However, it is worth giving some thought to how you might be able to bring a new and distinctive twist to any meal in order to ensure that your offerings truly stand apart from the crowd.

So why not take an adventurous approach? Try coming up with new flavour pairings of your own invention.

These could even be added to the pastry in order to give this a distinctive character of its own.

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