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Ginger can dress a noodle salad

Ginger is great in a miso dressing

Noodle dishes are very popular with diners - and could be the perfect way to add a little variety to a restaurant's menu.

There is also a wide range of ways to prepare and present noodles - so they can be ideal for the adventurous chef who wants to try something new.

In an article for the Independent, Maria Elia - who is a regular on such cookery shows as Saturday Cooks, Daily Cooks Challenge and Ready Steady Cook - recommended using ginger to create a miso dressing for smoked mackerel, asparagus and noodle salad.

The addition of Asian spices can be a great way to characterise your offerings with wholly new taste sensations.

So why not try bringing your own flavour pairings together to offer diners an experience that will not be paralleled elsewhere? This course of action could really help to set your restaurant apart from the crowd.

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