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Garlic and thyme is unbeatable on chicken

Lemon complements herbs very well

Professional caterers undoubtedly have a few staple twists that they add to the various classic dishes on their restaurant's menu.

David Jones, co-owner of Mannafromdevon - a cooking school founded in 2006 - said that for chicken-based recipes, there is only really one option - the culinary herb combination of garlic and thyme.

"I don't think you can beat lemon, garlic and thyme," the expert remarked.

He claimed that the thyme gives the meal a really lovely and heady scent - which complements the sharpness and zing from the lemon perfectly.

"Then you get a nice big hit of garlic, which gives a little bit of heat and savouriness," Mr Jones continued, acknowledging the simplicity of the method of preparation.

We really advocate culinary innovation here at Schwartz for Chef, so why not try coming up with exciting new flavour pairings all of your own? Don't be afraid to try putting ingredients together that may not have been mixed before.

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