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Fennel can help to create a dish inspired by Andalucia

Fennel can add an aniseedy taste to food

One of the ways caterers can bring something truly new and distinctive to their restaurant's menu is by researching the cookery traditions of other cultures.

In an article for the Guardian, Jose Pizarro, who is the chef and owner of the Jose tapas bar and Pizarro restaurant, shared his recipe for prawns baked in salt with anis and fennel herb mayonnaise.

He explained that baking with salt helps to enhance the taste of the sea that is recreated by this meal, but he also expressed his love for fennel.

"I like to add fennel seeds to the salt mixture and then echo this in some mayonnaise, flavoured with anis and fennel herb, for dipping," Mr Pizarro commented.

This will certainly help to add a distinctively Spanish edge to the dish, as fennel was once native only to the Mediterranean region - and it offers an aniseed flavour with a bittersweet aftertaste.

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