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Dill works great with trout

Dill adds aroma to seafood

Culinary herbs offer a wide range of benefits to caterers, not least of which is their ability to bring out the natural flavour of other foods.

It is worth giving some thought to how the properties of any given ingredient might best complement the key features of a dish.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, food stylist and cookbook author Donna Hay recommended the use of dill weed in a smoked trout meal.

Dill is a fantastic choice for a seafood offering, as it can rehydrate a sauce instantly in the cooking process, which can lead to the appealing addition of more colour, as well as bringing flavour and aroma to the dish.

We really encourage a more innovative approach here at Schwartz for Chef, so don't be afraid to try coming up with your own new flavour pairings.

This could create exciting new taste sensations that your diners may have never experienced before.

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