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Cook octopus in fennel to make a salad

Add fennel to seafood

It is easy for caterers to overlook salads when preparing a new range of dishes for their restaurant's menu - but these light options are not to be overlooked.

This is particularly the case in the summer season, when diners are more likely to want something that isn't so heavy.

However, it is also important that they are given the same amount of attention as special dishes and other options that set your menu apart from the crowd.

In an article for the Independent, head chef at London's Polpo restaurant Florence Knight recommended making a warm octopus salad.

She suggested cooking the meat in a large pan with fennel and parsley - as this will help to tenderise it and make it easier to cut through with a fork.

Flavour can also be added with chilli flakes - but why not bring your own twist to the meal by coming up with exciting new flavour pairings all of your own?

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