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Classic flavour pairings are a great benefit of herbs

Add rosemary to lamb

Of all the many benefits culinary herbs and spices can bring to the kitchen, the possibilities they open up with regard to classic dishes is surely one of the highlights.

Co-owner of Mannafromdevon cooking school David Jones said that there are obviously many classic flavour pairings that most people will already be familiar with.

He said that lamb and mint is a good example of a combination that is tried and tested - adding that rosemary and garlic is also used with the meat fairly often.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says he really loves the fact that using herbs and spices brings new flavours to a dish, as it is better than using pure salt.

However, Mr Jones suggested that salt is underrated in meals.

"Salt and pepper will work with pretty much anything," he remarked, adding: "It allows us to taste everything and I don't think you can get away with the way it enhances flavour."

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