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Try adding some zing to salmon with spices

Spices can add extra flavour to Salmon

Culinary spices could be the perfect ingredient to add some extra flavour to salmon dishes.

The versatile fish can be grilled, smoked or oven cooked and served with pasta, vegetables and potatoes, however seasoning is often required to give some flavour to the juicy and flaky texture.

Adventurous cooks who have exhausted many of the more common salmon seasonings, such as salt, pepper and garlic, may want to try a masala salmon barbeque featured on the Montreal Gazette website.

This requires ingredients such as fresh coriander and curry powder to create a flavoursome paste that covers the salmon fillets, which are then grilled.

Alternatively, dill, Dijon mustard, parsley and thyme and other ingredients can be used to create herb encrusted side of salmon, according to a recipe published by the Yeshiva World News.

Fit Chef Katy, who appears on the Food Network in the US, advises using salmon for creating some healthy summer meals and said in an article for Long Beach's that teriyaki salmon is perfect for serving with brown rice and broccoli.

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