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Spices flavour meat and fish

Spices can flavour both meat and fish

Whether they prefer meat or fish, eager chefs can find plenty of inspirational recipes that require the use of spices to bring extra kick to these foodstuffs.

Those who like to sample cuisine from around the world may like to try making one dish influenced by South American flavours.

Writing for the Bismarck Tribune, Karen Herzog explained how paprika, cumin and coarsely-ground black pepper can be used to enhance simple steak and salsa tortillas.

Alternatively, non-meat eaters may want to give the Waikato Times' recipe for crab and fish patties a go.

These utilise chives, dill, parsley and thyme, as well as cayenne pepper, to flavour burgers made from crab and a flaky fish such as terakihi or snapper.

The main dish is served with a lettuce and parsley salad.

If neither of these appeal, individuals could use their favourite spices to bring something a bit extra to a delicious piece of salmon, as there are numerous recipes out there, like the Montreal Gazette's masala salmon barbeque.

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