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Ginger and coriander used in Angela Hartnetts sea bream ceviche

The fish is flavoured with ginger and coriander

People looking for some new fish recipes may like to try a dish from Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett.

Writing for the Guardian, she told eager cooks how to whip up South American-style sea bream ceviche.

To begin, individuals should buy fresh fillets of sea bream and ask their fishmonger to pin-bone them after removing the skin.

Chefs should then cut these lengthways before slicing across each half.

While they are chilling in the fridge, onions, pine nuts, golden raisin and coriander are put in a bowl, along with one chilli, some olive oil, white wine vinegar and the juice and rind of an orange.

Grated ginger and some lemon or lime juice are added to the mixture - more of which can be included for extra taste.

Hartnett, who initially trained under Gordon Ramsay and was awarded an MBE in 2007, then stated that the sea bream fillets should be well coated in the marinade before the slices are served.

"Pour over any remaining marinade and eat immediately," she advised.

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