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Chilli dish has all the heritage of southern Italian cooking

Chillis are great in traditional Italian dishes

Gourmands looking for a dish with Italian flavour pairings such as chilli and tomato could try spaghetti alla puttanesca.

The meal "has all the heritage of southern Italian cooking", according to Angela Hartnett, who consults at Whitechapel Gallery and Dining Room in London.

Sharing her recipe with the Guardian, she explained that "the last word [puttanesca] translates as lady of the night [and] originated in Sicily".

Ms Hartnett advised heating oil, garlic and onion and saute in a pan, adding tomatoes to make a sauce.

Whilst cooking the pasta, she recommended adding chilli, capers and black olives to the mixture.

She suggested adding parsley and anchovies when mixing the pasta into the sauce before serving.

Chilli is a consistently popular foodstuff, with regular festivals held in its honour worldwide. Chillifest Finland took place last weekend (August 20th-21st) and on Saturday (August 27th) the International Chilli Society will host a cook-off in the US state of Maine.

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