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Celebrity chef Roger Mooking shares spice tips

Build up your chilli resistance by adding small amounts to old favourites

Those who enjoy really hot culinary spices may be interested in the advice of a celebrity chef who recently launched a Canadian television show devoted to the ingredients.

The show, Heat Seekers, is co-hosted by Roger Mooking, a chef who also presents the food series Everyday Exotic.

Mooking told the Vancouver Sun that he enjoys all levels of spiciness in a dish, from mild to "stupid hot that will make you sweat".

When asked if he had any advice for people wishing to build their tolerance to hotter meals, he recommended mixing spices with old favourites.

He gave an example of macaroni and cheese, suggesting adding a small amount of chilli.

"Start with some cayenne power or some chilli flakes in dried form," he advised. "You can really experiment with the different types."

Mooking, who is also a musician and former member of Bass is Base, publishes his first book of recipes drawn from the Everyday Exotic next month.

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