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Adventurous chef shares goat curry

A variety of spices make this great party dish

Adventurous recipe fans may enjoy a goat curry, which one chef described as a "great party dish".

James Ramsden, author of the cookbook Small Adventures in Cooking, told the London Evening Standard that it was ideal sat in a large cauldron in the middle of a table with traditional curry condiments for guests to help themselves.

Mr Ramsden, who runs The Secret Larder supper club in London and whose recipes have appeared in the Times and the Guardian, advised crushing fried coriander, fennel, cumin and cloves into a powder, stirring in with cinnamon and coating over goat meat.

The chef then said to cook this in a pan with oil, garlic and chillies before bringing to the boil with tomato puree, stock and seasoning.

Leaving this to simmer for two hours, he suggested frying shallots until crisp, then serving the curry with the yoghurt, coriander and the shallots.

He recommended pilaf or warm chapattis accompany the meal.

This dish may be quite healthy, as it is high in a range of ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves and garlic. A recent study by Penn State researchers revealed the presence of these spices could reduce the negative effect of fatty meals. 

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