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Spice up a cake with Schwartz for Chef

Cloves can really make a cake stand out from the crowd

Culinary spices are great ingredients for a wide variety of recipes and their ability to bring something new to all manner of dishes should not be underestimated.

While they are most traditionally associated with hot main courses such as curries, they can be just as effective in sweets.

For instance, in an article for the Guardian, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recommended the use of mixed spice in a recipe for simnel cake with chocolate marzipan.

However, it could be more rewarding for caterers to experiment with flavour pairings of their own creation as diners are often impressed by dishes that are a little more unusual.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we think making simple flavourful swaps in the preparation of a recipe can result in exciting new taste sensations.

So why not try something like cloves in a cake - these have a sweet and fruity flavour that could really set an old favourite apart from the crowd with a new twist.

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