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Mustard can be used in veggie patties

Mustard is great in patties

Patties are a very adaptable food, which lend themselves very well to experimentation and make an ideal vegetarian option.

This means they are perfect for trying out exciting new combinations of culinary spices, as these could more or less come to define the resulting flavour.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says this kind of versatility is one of his favourite things about the ingredients.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, chef and author of the Soup cookbook Vava Berry suggested using Dijon mustard as a flavouring in a vegetarian version of the meal.

Preparation involved stirring this into lentils, pine nuts and spring onions with some Tabasco sauce and peanut butter "for a kick".

This mixture is then shaped into patties with rice and carrots - although this could be substituted for meat for diners with more carnivorous appetites.

Would you add any culinary herbs to this recipe to bring a new and unique flavour to it?

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