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Going vegan doesnt have to be challenging

Going vegan can be challenging

Going vegan is the last thing that would cross many meat-lovers' minds.

Vegetarian diets can be tricky to maintain, but if you take out dairy too, the task can seem insurmountable.

However, the preconceptions of the vegan diet do little to bolster the reputation of the healthy alternative to the omnivorous traits that have become the norm in the west.

With a little creativity - and the right culinary spices - it is possible to create dazzling vegan menus day in, day out.

And giving up factory-farmed meat could also help you clear your conscience.

Speaking to the Northwestern, Ellen DeGeneres, a committed vegan, said: "It's like anybody who’s trying to make a change, especially a habit like eating food every day. It's hard to make a change."

She said the secret to overcoming this problem is to invest in some top quality vegan cookbooks.

You might also want to update your spice cabinet so that you have plenty of options when it comes to flavouring meals.

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