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Ginger can flavour a coconut pavlova

Ginger can be used to make desserts

Culinary spices have a wide range of uses and are incredibly versatile, despite the fact that they are typically associated with hot main courses such as curry.

Indeed, McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says this is one of his favourite things about the ingredients, given that it allows them to be used in starters and desserts, as well as more conventional fare.

For instance, in an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional cook and food writer Diana Henry recommended the use of ginger in a coconut pavlova.

It can be mixed in with cream for a distinctive flavouring, alongside mango and passion fruit

Preparing the cream simply involved whipping it with ginger syrup and some icing sugar before adding pieces of chopped ginger.

Assembling the pavlova required placing the meringue on a serving plate, topping with the cream and layering mango over this, finishing off by drizzling over passion fruit and sifting icing sugar on top.

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