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Generation X are cooking up a storm

Generation X are cooking up a storm

People from Generation X are keen to keep their culinary skills bang up to date.

Whether it is searching out the best culinary spices or hunting for organic veg at their local market, Generation Xers want to eat interesting food and stay healthy in the process.

According to new research, nine per cent of aspiring chefs from Gen X - i.e. people born between 1961 and 1981 - buy organic all the time.

Researcher Jon Miller, of the University of Michigan told LiveScience, said: "These young adults are very active with food."

He said that even the men of Generation X take a keen interest in food and cooking - reading cooking articles, experimenting in the kitchen and spending a substantial amount of time shopping for ingredients.

In fact men from Generation X spend on average twice as much time cooking than their fathers did.

The research didn't cover Generation Y, but it is likely that this group has held onto its predecessor's passion for everything culinary.

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