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Flavour a leg of lamb with culinary herbs

Herbs are a staple in a roast

Traditional recipes such as roast leg of lamb often feature a variety of culinary herbs as a staple ingredient.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says one of his favourite things about herbs and spices is their ability to bring out the natural flavour of other foods, which explains why they are so popular.

In an article for the Independent, celebrity chef Bill Granger suggested the use of garlic and thyme in his recipe for the classic roasted meat dish.

The thyme in particular can be used in new and unusual ways, such as by blending with lemon zest and anchovy fillets.

However, one of the key benefits offered by herbs is the new sensations they can bring to the table when experimented with in new flavour pairings.

Do you have any of your own ideas of how to reinvigorate your diners' passion for roast dinners by new and unusual combinations of alternative ingredients?

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