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Fennel key to a salad

Herbs and spices can be a key ingredient in a salad

Culinary spices have a wide range of uses - while they are most commonly included in a spicy curry, they can also give a dessert a kick.

Indeed, this versatility is one of McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve's favourite characteristics of the ingredients, as it is much more interesting than overloading a dish with salt and pepper.

However, they can also be used to distinguish a dish as a key feature in their own right.

For instance, in an article for the Daily Telegraph professional chef Diana Henry suggested using fennel alongside apples and radishes to make a sharp and crunchy salad.

Mint was also used in the recipe - which included both green and red apples - while a dressing can be made from garlic and whole grain mustard.

Preparation involved simply tossing the ingredients together and mixing in with the dressing - so do you have any ideas about what other culinary herbs might be well suited to this purpose?

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