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Culinary herbs can make a great salad dressing

Chives and parsley can really set off an egg salad

There is such a wide range of uses for culinary herbs that they are often an essential ingredient throughout a caterer's repertoire.

However, one of the best methods is to include them in dishes to set off the natural flavours of other ingredients.

Indeed, McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says this is one of the characteristics he finds most appealing personally.

This can be put to particularly good use in a salad dressing, as it can intensify the sauce, while really setting off the greenery as well.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional chef and cookbook author Diana Henry suggested using chives, garlic, parsley, tarragon and Dijon mustard as a herbed cream dressing for an egg salad.

Preparation involved simply mixing the aforementioned ingredients together with buttermilk, cider vinegar, mayonnaise and double cream.

Do you have any preferences as to what culinary spices or herbs to use when assembling a salad for a side serving, starter or light bite option?

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