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Chillies ginger and shallots essential for Indonesian

Chillies ginger and shallots essential for Indonesian

Chillies, ginger and shallots are vital for vibrant Indonesian cookery to taste authentic.

For anyone familiar with the dishes of this south-east Asian country, this will be obvious as pungent, strong flavours and rich, hot sauces are the norm.

People new to the cuisine might require a little guidance, however, when it comes to what culinary spices to use.

Tomatoes, bird's eye chillies and a dash of olive oil can be combined to make a light Indonesian salsa, but it is possible to substitute alternatives if these specific ingredients are not available.

Speaking to the Jakarta Globe, Indonesian food expert and author Petty Elliott gave an example.

She said: "You can substitute basil in the sambal dabu-dabu with mint leaves, or maybe just add them along with the basil leaves."

The expert added: "Anything that will make it taste better and healthier."

So why not get creative by getting in a few staple spices and then mixing them up with different ingredients for a unique take on Indonesian food?

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