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Turmeric may be a good anti inflammatory

Turmeric may work as an anti inflammatory

Turmeric is known as a popular culinary spice but it may also be a valuable tool for treating people with inflammation, according to alternative-medicine advocate Mark Wiley, creator of The Wiley Method of wellness. 

Mr Wiley reports that turmeric has a history of being linked with anti-swelling treatments, citing the US National Library of Medicine which claims that animal testing showed it had "demonstrated anti-inflammatory... properties".

He adds: "Unlike aspirin or ibuprofen, turmeric... reduces inflammation naturally, without damaging the liver or kidneys.

"It has been found especially helpful in treating conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, irritable bowel syndrome, Chrone’s disease, tendonitis and various autoimmune diseases."

he health benefits for spices such as red pepper were recently pointed out by Purdue University, which claimed to have found a use for cayenne pepper as a mild appetite suppressant. 

Red pepper was also found to increase the body's core temperature, resulting in a greater amount of calories being burnt off. 

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