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Tip on successfully toasting spices

Spices can be toasted to bring out their flavour

If keen chefs want to get more out of their culinary spices when coming up with a new dish, they may want to follow the recent advice offered by one news provider.

The Los Angeles Times suggested toasting spices and nuts before adding them to a recipe to bring some extra flavour.

For ground spices, cooks were told to use a baking tray lined with parchment, which is then placed in the oven.

When it comes to whole spices, a heavy-bottomed saute pan placed over a moderate heat is required.

Once the ingredients have been added, it is important to watch them closely as it does not take long for them to burn.

The pan should be stirred or shaken frequently as this will ensure its contents get an even colouring, the publication continued, noting that the process only takes a few minutes.

These tips could be useful for people hoping to lose weight, as the Forres Gazette recently stated that spices flavour a meal and help to fight cravings for fatty foods

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