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Spice Queen advises chefs to pick spices for unique look

Spices can be used for visual flair

Celebrity chef Bal Arneson has said that she designs her recipes with appearance in mind, focusing on which culinary spices are most aesthetically pleasing. 

In an interview with the Times and Transcript, Ms Arneson, author of the Everyday Indian cookbook, explained why her dishes appeared to be so different from the standard fare of rich sauces garnished with coriander. 

"The problem with Indian food is that everything could and would look like a goop," explained the host of the delete Canadian cookery show entitled delete Spice Queen. 

"But it's not fair to the spices. They are all so beautiful and you have to do justice to them by presenting them with the ingredients that will be a beautiful combination."

She said that she considers the visuals of a meal before she writes a recipe down, reasoning "you eat with your eyes". 

Ms Arneson explained: "If I'm thinking about avocado, I think 'light green colour, what spice would be beautiful with that? Ah, mustard seed, dark brown, or cardamom, a copper colour.'"

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