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Personal trainers recommend spices

Spices may help in personal training

Personal trainer Rob Whitehead says he uses herbs and spices to combat hypertension and water retention in his clients.

The experienced triathaon athlete told the Ballwin-Ellisville Patch that he has his own blend of culinary spices to add flavour to his food and help in his training.

"My preferences are lemon salt, pepper, sea salt, garlic and ginger," Mr Whitehead explained.

Naomi DiCrese, owner of supplement-retailer Planet Health, recommended turmeric.

"Turmeric is a really good Indian spice, and it's also in a lot of our supplements for anti-inflammatory, joint pain," explained Ms DiCrese.

According to research by Purdue University, hot spices can help promote fat loss and reduce appetite for unhealthy foods.

Cayenne pepper was given to 25 participants and it was found that those with the least tolerance to hot food had a reduced appetite for fatty, salty and sweet foods.

"The appetite responses were different between those who liked red pepper and those who did not, suggesting that when the stimulus is unfamiliar it has a greater effect," commented Richard Mattes, distinguished professor of foods and nutrition.

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