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Cloves crowed best antioxidant

Cloves may work as antioxidants

Cloves are the "best" culinary spice that acts as an antioxidant, according to new research by Miguel Hernandez University. 

The popular spice tested highly in five key areas of antioxidant properties, mainly due to the high levels of a chemical compound class known as phenolics.

"Out of the five antioxidant properties tested, cloves had the highest capacity to give off hydrogen, reduced lipid peroxidation well, and was the best iron reducer," commented Juana Fernandez-Lopez, an author of the study.

The team also evaluated the antioxidant effect of other Mediterranean spices, including oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage.

Mr Fernandez-Lopez added: "The results show that use of the natural oxidants occurring in spices used in the Mediterranean diet, or their extracts, is a viable option for the food industry."

The aim of the study was to investigate natural alternatives to synthetic antioxidants, which extend the lifespan of food products.

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