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Make the most of the mammoth summer sporting season and get your menu bang on trend with a little help from McCormick.

To help you drive even better margins this season we have some fantastic promotions running on a hand-picked selection of our high quality products so keep your eyes peeled at your chosen wholesaler*.

Burgers are the nation’s top dish when eating out!¹

How can they resist with our top tips below...

People love choice! Make sure you offer ‘build-your-own’ options such as naked burgers, gluten-free buns and a good variety of sauces – why not try our famous Hammonds Burger Sauce and Bick’s Hamburger Relish.

With spicy sauce sales growing on UK menus by 75% since 20132, consumers are clearly craving a chilli hit. Be sure to offer a choice ranging from sweet chilli (for the tame) to Schwartz Chilli Sauce (for the more adventurous).

Make your burgers a real talking point with the addition of US inspired ingredients such as gherkins (got to be Noël’s), pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese and even peanut butter!

The popularity of grilled and smoked foods continues to gather strong momentum - you can achieve this flavour profile more simply by melting on smoked cheese, rubbing on our Schwartz Smokey Texan Seasoning or simply loading on the one, the only Schwartz Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce.

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More than 3 in 5 consumers feel it is important to have a good selection of side dishes when choosing where to eat out4. ‘Build-your-own’, flexible menus are proving very popular with customers as the personalisation trend shows no sign of slowing.

The favourite four are4...

Ideas on how to mix up your sides menu:

Why not offer a sprinkle of Schwartz Chip Seasoning as an extra on chips. Charging 25p extra per portion will make you over £35 per jar.

Nearly 50% of people say that Piri Piri is their favourite spicy flavour5

Nearly 60% of consumers would be more likely to order a side dish if it was a twist on a classic such as Asian Slaw or Cajun Spiced Onion Rings4.

Try combining our Hammonds Mayonnaise with Schwartz Cajun Seasoning into your slaw for a simple twist that your customers will love!

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make the most of this fantastic profit opportunity with McCormick.

Hot profits with cold desserts!

Did you know that the most popular desserts in pubs are cold ones? Nearly 20% of all desserts ordered in pubs are ice cream6.

Top of the toppings!4

Make your dessert menu irresistible this summer with our top tips:

It’s a fact, people prefer caramel sauce on their ice creams4! Why not add a hint of salt as well to get those taste buds going - check out our deliciously thick Noël’s sweet sauces!

Nearly 3 in 4 people are interested in foods that contribute towards their 5-a-day7 - why not make the most of this and offer fresh fruit as a dessert option.

More than 80% of consumers would more likely order an ice cream sundae if there was an option to personalise the sauce and toppings4

Have you thought about offering desserts to go? A big trend and a real profit making opportunity whilst giving you the chance to turn over tables quicker.

Transform your ice cream offering this summer

- the extra revenue is sweet!

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