Ground Nutmeg


Warm sweet spice that is essential to baking and pudding spices and also works well in a number of savoury dishes.

Uses in the Kitchen
Mix roasted sweet potato with ground nutmeg, pine nuts, parmesan and rocket for a delicious ravioli filling. Season cooked asparagus, spinach and tomatoes with garlic, Ground Nutmeg and basil and use as a side dish for seared tuna steaks.

Nutmeg originating from the East Indies has a relatively high volatile oil content and a distinctively rich flavor and aroma. As opposed to the highly aromatic East Indian Nutmeg, the lighter colored West Indian type has a milder flavor and higher fatty oil content.

Flavour & Aroma
Warm and sweet aroma with a hint of clove and slight bittersweet, woody taste.

Available in

Dark brown

Selected Recipes with Ground Nutmeg:

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