Premium Dill Weed


Premium Dill Weed is a freeze-dried herb that is specially selected to give recipes superior strength of flavour and the brilliant appearance of fresh herbs.

Uses in the Kitchen
Ideal for the busy chef, these herbs are already conveniently chopped and washed to save time. When added to liquids such as sauces, soups, oil, water etc, they rehydrate instantly to add colour, flavour and aroma to the dish. Into a white sauce, over fish, over new potatoes or carrots, into a salad dressing or as a refreshing alternative to parsley in omelettes, quiches and salads.

Dill Weed belongs to the parsley family and is known for its feathery leaves. The word "Dill" comes from an old Norse word meaning 'to lull' due to their calming effect on the digestive tract. It was especially given to crying babies suffering from colic. The Greeks used Dill as a remedy for hiccups. Dill is also reputed to cure hiccups, stomach aches, insomnia, and bad breath. Dill's most famous culinary use - the Dill pickle - is at least 400 years old.

Flavour & Aroma
A clean fragrant aroma with a light lemony, sweet anise flavour.

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