An astringent flavoured herb with a green aroma. Ideally used in stuffings or with seafood and bread products.

Uses in the Kitchen
Rub ground sage and garlic into pork loin before cooking. Mix with fresh breadcrumbs and grated cheese for a great topping for white fish.

Sage is indigenous to the Mediterranean and a popular culinary herb. Sage was used during the Middle Ages to treat many maladies including fevers, liver disease, and epilepsy. One common belief was that sage strengthened the memory, hence a sage, or a wise man, always had a long memory.

Flavour & Aroma
A strong, slightly bitter and aromatic flavour as well as a medicinal pine-wood flavour. Thujone is the principal flavour which gives volatile oil.

Available in

Silvery gray

Selected Recipes with Sage:

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