A classical mediterranean herb with a sweet herbal aroma and slight aniseed flavour.

Uses in the Kitchen
Combine with olive oil and drizzle over sliced tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Add Basil to butter sauce for a modern accompaniment to white fish. Add to pasta sauces for a more 'authentic Italian' taste.

Native to India, basil is now grown commercially all over the Mediterranean region and in California. The origin of its name is Greek for "King" and it is considered as a sacred herb in the Hindu religion. The early Romans made it a symbol of love and fertility. Basil is known as the tomato herb because of their affinity. We can find over 150 varieties of Basil.

Flavour & Aroma
Basil is a warming, aromatic herb with overtones of aniseed, often used in Italian cooking.

Available in

Uniform green colour

Selected Recipes with Basil:

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