Authentic flavours from the blending Experts

The Schwartz for Chef team are experts at blending the flavours of herbs and spices to create a range of perfect seasonings. Each seasoning combines different yet complementary flavours to help chefs create authentic tasting dishes with origins from around the world.

From the authentic kick of our Blackened Cajun Seasoning to that distinctive Portuguese flavour of Piri Piri, Schwartz for Chef seasonings can really add that little bit of magic to transform the ordinary into something really special.

All the seasonings are incredibly versatile - they can be used as a rub or marinade prior to cooking(for example to create Cajun spiced chicken breast fillets, Piri Piri king prawns or Hot and Spicy Salmon).

You can use seasonings to create both hot and cold sauces, dips and bread spreads - for example - add to mayonnaise to create a spicy twist to a traditional Prawn Cocktail or use any of seasonings blended with mayonnaise to add extra flavour depth to a whole host of sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and panninis.

Schwartz for Chef seasonings can be also be added at the end of cooking, to a plethora of dishes for maximum flavour impact.

Convenient, ready-to-use and delivering consistent quality and flavour every time, Schwartz for Chef Seasonings are especially perfect when it’s important to deliver authentic flavours consistently on a large scale.

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