It's All in the Mix

Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes are a range of versatile blends of natural herbs and spices that can be used to easily create a myriad flavourful and authentic tasting dishes.

The six varieties: Tex Mex, Mediterranean Herb, Moroccan, Indian CurryChilli and Savoury Mince provide an excellent base for modern dishes from Fiery Mexican Fajitas, to sumptuous Fish Risottos to spicy Chicken Baltis, as well as the more traditional fayre of Cottage Pies, Lasagnes and Stews.

Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes are so versatile, they can be used as rubs or marinades, added to mayonnaises or butters, as well as being cooked into dishes from scratch.

So simple to use for all grades of chef, Recipe Mixes quickly transform store cupboard ingredients into delicious and appetizing meals both children and adults will love.

Being high in iron* and low in salt, Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes are compliant with the Nutrient Based Standards. The recipe suggestions provided with the range are created by skilled development chefs who verify the dishes through nutritional analysis software to ensure they too are compliant with national standards.

The inspirational range of 6 varieties comes in boxes of 6 handy portion controlled pouches. Each pouch will serve 20 primary school children or 10 secondary school children or adults, meaning there’s a minimum of waste.

‘We developed Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes as a bespoke solution to meet the unique needs of the Cost Sector. We understand the challenge of adding flavour to food whilst also trying to balance nutritional content and ingredient cost. We believe Recipe Mixes truly offer a solution for education and healthcare professionals who want to tantalise their diners’ tastebuds’ Steve Love, Concept Development Chef for Schwartz for Chef.

Schools who currently use Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes to create tasty and nutritious menus for the pupils are delighted with the results:

“At Great Barr, we constantly drive home the importance of good nutrition to pupils whilst maintaining meal appeal. We make everything fresh, from scratch and strive to offer more ‘grab and go’ style food in order to keep up with the latest trends and the offsite competition. Schwartz for Chef Recipe Mixes have been instrumental in helping to revive the school’s food offering and increase meal take-up” Alex Gould, Catering Manager at Great Barr Secondary School, Birmingham.
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* All Recipe Mixes with the exception of Savoury Mince contain a minimum of 30% of the recommended daily amount of iron per 100g of product.

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Nutritional Data Values per 100g

Indian Curry
Iron 11.83 mg (84% RDA*)

Savoury Mince
Iron 1.52 mg (10% RDA*)

Iron 10.58 mg (75% RDA*)

Tex Mex
Iron 7.64 mg (54% RDA*)

Med Herb
Iron 5.36mg (38% RDA*)

Iron 11.2mg (80% RDA)

*RDA = Recommended Daily Amount