Other Tips

  • Buy a loin of pork with the bones on, then you can sheet bone the loin and use the ribs as spare ribs
  • Buy in whole chickens and use the different cuts for sauté, fricassee and pies. Use breasts as a whole with sauce, use the thigh for dicing in pies and drumsticks as they are, adding some Schwartz Herbs to your breadcrumb mix. Use the winglets for the buffet, maybe with a little Schwartz Cajun seasoning and you can be really inventive by taking the chicken fillet from the breast and use for chicken satay.
  • Batch cook your vegetables to order. If you blanch your vegetables and refresh quickly, then you can finish them in boiling water with herbs and lemon juice or heat them in the steamer. This will allow you to manage your portion control more effectively.
  • Why not replace 25g of meat with 25g of pulse vegetables such a cannelloni beans or chick peas. This will bulk out your dishes more cost effectively.
  • Slowing cook less cuts of meat, such as brisket - this will allow the meat to be tender and have lots of flavour. The less you spend on ingredients the more you can improve your Gross Profit. I love slow cooking; I would braise a casserole at around 120oc to 140 oc for 1 hour to 2 hours longer depending on your cut of meat.