Mac ‘n’ Cheese

To make your Mac ‘n’ Cheese really stand out, add 5g of either of the seasonings to a 250g portion of your mix.

Calamari Rings

Season your batter with 1 tsp per 6 rings – it’s so simple and works particularly well with the Lemon & Herb flavour.


Corn on the Cob

Sprinkle either of the Wings Seasonings on the corn while grilling or brush on with melted butter. You’ll only need ½ -1 tsp per corn.


Flavoured rice is a hugely popular side dish and great alternative to chips! Create yours in a flash by simply adding ½ tsp of either of the Wings Seasonings to 125g portion of cooked rice.


To add a real flavour kick to your cooked sauces, take your pick from either of the seasonings and simply add 20g per litre of tomato or cream sauce. Great as a pizza base!


Season your cooked prawns with either of the seasonings for a fantastic kick – Lemon & Herb works particularly well with seafood. Use 1 tsp of seasoning per 100g of cooked prawns.


It’s a match made in heaven, Buffalo Seasoning and ribs. For a delicious tangy taste use 10g of seasoning per 450g rack of ribs (raw weight).

Roasted Vegetables

Make your roasted vegetables that bit more appealing by adding 30g of either of the seasonings to 1kg of raw vegetables before cooking. Lemon & Herb for the tame, Buffalo for the adventurous.


Offer a flavoured mayo as an up-sell option on your menu by simply mixing 1 tsp of Lemon & Herb Seasoning per 100g of mayonnaise.

Breaded Chicken

The seasonings work really well when combined into breadcrumbs and used as the coating for chicken breast strips.

Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Add a memorable addition to your grilled cheese sandwich by simply adding ½ tsp of Buffalo Seasoning for every 50g of cheese. The difference it makes it phenomenal.


Simply add 1 tsp of Buffalo Seasoning to 100g of coleslaw to ramp up the flavour.

Cream Cheese Dip

Mix 30g of Buffalo Seasoning into 500g of cream cheese. Add the juice of 1 lime for an added zing and to loosen the mixture. Delicious served with crudities.

Onion Rings

Give your onion rings a tangy twist by adding Buffalo Seasoning to your batter mix.

Garlic Bread

Stand out from the crowd and add a zingy twist to your garlic bread – simply add 1 tsp of Lemon & Herb Seasoning into your mix per baguette.

Potato Wedges

Sprinkle 5g of either seasoning over 100g wedges for added flavour.

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